Bash scripts to automate installation of NVIDIA proprietary driver

I got the 340-102 driver and apply the patch. Now I’m thinking if going deeper is worth the trouble. My (testing) card is so old that it uses old, discontinued drivers. I will just buy the new one (Quadro K620) that is supported by the latest drivers. Those should work better.

It seems to me that it’s fixed that white screen doesn’t show up after installing NVIDIA driver when the display is still connected to an Intel GPU.

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AMD GPUs are tricky to work with - there’s a lot less support available. Sure, the kernel has all the drivers as standard but at the application level,

a) AMD really only supports RHEL/CentOS and Ubuntu LTS
b) A lot of “cool GPU stuff” like TensorFlow and PyTorch only works on NVidia / CUDA / CUDnn

I’ve only been successful with OpenCL on AMD GPUs with Arch Linux - even the so-called “supported” Ubuntu 18.04 LTS gave me grief.

Thanks for the tip. I wanted to start another thread with this question: NVIDIA or AMD for the less trouble. I don’t need TensorFlow but Blender/Godot support (CUDA/opengl/vulkan).

I hoped that AMD will “just work” as Intel graphics.

Blender and Godot should work with AMD GPUs just fine - it’s the deep learning stuff that doesn’t work - TensorFlow and PyTorch are only supported on CPUs and NVidia GPUs and OpenCL is tricky to get working.

AMD does have some open source tooling for High Performance Computing / AI that could probably be made to work on Clear Linux. The Arch User Repository has the packages but I haven’t been able to make them work. I think my GPU is too old - it’s a “Sea Islands” card.

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Hi guys,

Ok, I got it working again using an USB stick. But wanted to leave here in case someone is more successful than me. I have a laptop with the MX150 from nVidia, that I cannot access using regular installation of the driver. The OS in which it ever worked was in Ubuntu and w/o EFI. If anyone is successful in installing the driver for this GPU, please, please, let me know.


Messed with nvidia installation and now I can’t login. Booting into black screen and cursor, and tty isn’t opening with key combination.

  • How do I boot into tty directly in clearlinux?


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Check this

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