How would I install python-newt?

I use Byobu as a friendly convention-over-configuration approach to tmux. I had to build & install from source, which was largely fine.

But one Byobu command fails without python-newt. I did find but as there’s no information there about it I have no idea if it’s related. Anyway installing it doesn’t do the job.

I did think about putting in a github issue to request Byobu as a bundle, but it seems a bit obscure for that.

Anyway my question is: how do I install python-newt? There’s no instructions in the repo & I’m a somewhat in the dark about how python dependencies work.

Would it not be a simple (root) pip install newt?

I couldn’t find the package, either running pip or from PyPi. Then it seemed like another package, ‘Snack’, might do, but the install failed. I didn’t pursue further as my experience with pip errors is not encouraging - admittedly I know next to nothing about the python ecosystem, and tend to randomly try pip2 & pip3 to see which works, then usually give up and find an alternative.

I’ve found a workaround so I don’t really need the missing Byobu command as of now (everything else works).