Mouse cursor stuck after boot

Hi all, I installed Clear Linux yesterday and have been really enjoying it so far. I’m quite impressed by the smooth Gnome experience even on my low powered Celeron laptop with 4gb of RAM :slight_smile:
Anyway I updated everything before going to bed, however this morning when I reached the login screen, my cursor was stuck and after using the keyboard to login, it remained stuck.
I’m using a generic usb mouse and not the touchpad (which I’ve disabled).
Unplugging the mouse and then plugging it back in resolved the issue and everything worked fine afterwards.
I decided to reboot to see if it got stuck again and it did.
I did remove a number of packages after the fresh install using swupd bundle-remove but from my understanding this shouldn’t have any effect on the rest of the OS.
Any idea what could be causing this?
This issue is not a deal-breaker but would be nice if I could resolve it.

This could be a USB port going into Autosuspend.

Install powertop and navigate (with TAB key) to the Tunables screen to find out.

sudo swupd bundle-add powertop

Good = Enabled | Bad = Disabled

Toggle status with Enter key.

Hi, thanks I’ll give this a try later.
It’s weird though, I restarted a little while ago and this time everything went smoothly, so fingers crossed whatever was causing the issue somehow resolved itself :smiley: