Weird bug with VSCode after Gnome update

I run CL on my laptop with another monitor plugged in in Join mode. After the Gnome update, if I maximize the VSCode window on my secondary monitor (whichever I define as secondary, as long as it’s the secondary), it mirrors itself to the main monitor, just as if I was running the monitors in Mirror mode. The difference is that the window shows up only when VSCode is put in foreground and it’s fake, i.e. interactions with it completely go through it to whatever window is behind it, e.g. if Firefox is behind it, I bring VSCode back to foreground and hover over a hyperlink shown in Firefox, the cursor reacts just as if the VSCode fake window wasn’t there. Another difference to real Mirror mode is that the mirroring of interactions with the real VSCode window (e.g. scrolling) are really slow, like around 5fps.

Pretty sure it’s an issue with VSCode as it’s the only application affected, and I know Electron apps are more susceptible to these types of issues in Linux. My intention here is to see if anyone else with more experience is able to isolate the issue at least to the point of knowing whom to report it to and how best to describe it.

Quick video I made demonstrating the issue, but with my laptop monitor as the primary display:

Am I really the only one affected by this?