Windows 11 dual boot with Clear

I installed windows 11 from a usb drive(upgrade from W10). When the windows installer, asked I deleted all the old windows partitions(boot efi,data,re)on that drive. It installed the new windows 11 all on one partition (no boot efi,no re). I have Clear on another drive dual booting with systemd boot. After changing the boot order I have the normal Clear and Windows boot menu to choose from. Everything boots and works fine.My question is if I ever remove Clear and since there is no longer a Windows boot efi partition boot to point systemd boot to after the install, how can it boot windows ever again? I have searched Windows forums and no mention of a single partition. I did not think that Windows would even boot? Is it using systemd boot from the original W10/Clear install on the other drive?The 17mb system reserved partition is not mountable.Iā€™m just want to understand whats going on,even though it works.These are screenshots of the Windows partition and Clear on the other drive.Screenshot from 2021-11-05 16-26-32|690x414


systemd-boot(7) - Linux manual page

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