How can we improve our installation experience?

For me the most frustrating part was, the first time I downloaded clear linux and tried to boot, it would do kernel panics or unable to find the installation file.
I’ve had over 5/10 success on daily builds, and every single time, I would have to go back and find a working daily build.
Which becomes extremely annoying. Basically when you want to install clearlinux and download from the website, it is a 50-50 chance that it won’t even boot.
At least please confirm that the images are bootable before you have a download link in the main website please!
Also, a faster way to report problems.
One last thing, being able to install it side by side with other operating systems. I had 0 chances, this prevents me from using clearlinux on a daily basis,
I am writing to you from clearlinux now though. Once things work, they work wonderfully.

The installer of clear linux is trash.
specially with partitioning , you can’t make or remove partition while installing like in other distros.
And why I have to download 3gb while installing after downloading 2.2gb clear linux iso?


Welcome, @ozdemirhan_sercin! And thanks for sharing your experience. I so sorry it was so painful. We are aware of these issues, and we are working to address them. Thanks for being with us!

It won’t entirely solve your problem, but hopefully it can help:

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please make the installer offline . It took me 6 hours to install clear linux because of slow(around 50Kb/s)(My internet was working fine) speed.

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Symlinks and remote backup… not ideal indeed.

This is on the installer teams roadmap. See


Not ideal, right. Be honest, current CL installer is shitty and looks like pre-alpha. Hope basic features like reusing partitions & optional swap comes soon.

Yes, please add an offline installer

I just installed CL on a Lenovo laptop, and all went smoothly. I use it mainly to just surf the web and play games, so my requirements are humble anyhow. I liked the way the installer looked.

Make the installer add an EFI entry so it boots after installation, would be very helpful!

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And add offline install

Just wanted to say that it is much better than before. When I tried a few momths ago sometimes it wouldn’t see my network and I’d have to restart a couple times before it did. Also the interface is much nicer now.
One thing I might add is the ability to choose a KDE environment (Plasma, SDDM, etc) from the beginning. When I installed the KDE desktop post-installation, I ended up with both GDM and SDDM running at the same time.


+1 for number 3 - the screen blanking was a problem for me the first time or two I installed Clear Linux.

For all those eagerly awaiting offline installs, we’re very happy to announce that the live desktop and server images now support offline install for basic configurations. See here for more details.

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Just thinking why not include Calamares installer to Clear Linux OS so that everybody can easily install and enjoy it ? Why to complicate the installation so much ? To keep intel users away from installing this OS intended for their computers?

Media codecs (video/audio) would be good, I think you should follow Ubuntu’s lead on this one

If we could, we would have.

While Calamares is used by lots of smaller distros, not a single large one (perhaps manjaro if you call it large, but fedora/suse/debian aren’t listed) uses it, and it still needs a lot of work. This isn’t something that’s “easy” by any means.

Agreed but current Clear Linux Installer is by no means flexible . I own 3 Intel PC’s but the way current installer enforces partition table to be handled for installation is not I would personally want because I mutliboot and all I can offer is one target partition for clear Linux and not let it enforce things upon my hard disk space. I have done installation from text mode, script based , chroot and gui based installers and what makes an installer favourable is flexibility ( does not matter if it is not user friendly ) and sorry to say Clear OS installer lacks that .